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We've answered our most common questions

Is there parking?

There is parking available over the road in our private car park. It is free for our members and there is no time limit.

Can I row after school?

Absolutely. We are open and available almost whenever it is convenient. All you have to do is let us know in advance and we will confirm a session.

What age range to you cater for?

It's best to start around Year 7, but we are always flexible if you are really keen! Sadly, we lose our rowers at age 18 as most of them leave us for university.

Are you open during school holidays?

Yes we are and rowing takes place during daylight hours.

What are the session times?

Sessions times vary and are always planned to best suit our members. Usually, if members have formed crews, they will organise a time that works for them all and co-ordinate that with us. We will always do our best to accommodate this and usually can do so.

Do I have to compete?

Competition is at the heart of what we do at AB Severn and we really do encourage our members to participate. Events are always great fun and we're proud of our track record at a local, regional and even national level. However, if you really don't want to compete, you don't have to!

How long is the average sesion?

From start to finish, sessions are approx 2 hours long. At least an hour is on-water training.

What should I wear?

Normal sports kit is usually ok, however we advise not wearing a hoodie on the water as the oars can catch in the front pockets! Any footwear is fine as shoes are in the boat (socks essential).

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